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  Wireless Data Link Source List
As a service to our customers, automation engineers, and robot builders everywhere, Arrick Robotics maintains this list of wireless data link suppliers.

We do not sell any of these products. Please contact the vendors directly for information about their products.

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Aerotron-Repco Sales, Inc.
2400 Sand Lake Rd.
Orlando, FL 32809
Ph: (800) 950-5633
Fax: (407) 856-1960
RS-232 and TTL radio modems with range up to 17 miles.

Dynatech Tactical Communications, Inc.
Ph: (800) 233-8639
Wireless video tranceivers.  Full motion color video and
Audio.  2.4GHz.

Electronic Systems Technology
415 N. Quay
Kennewick, WA 99336
Ph: (509) 735-9092
Fax: (509) 785-5475
Wireless modems eliminate in-plant wiring and leased lines.
FM packet bursts.  Over 100 software commands.
Designed for high-noise environments.

FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
1880 South Flatiron Court
Boulder, CO 80301 USA
Ph: (303) 444-3862
Fax: (303) 786-9948
Web: www.freewave.com
Spread Spectrum Wireless Transceivers

Micrilor Inc.
17 Lakeside Office Park
Wakefield, MA 01880
Ph: (617) 246-0103
Fax: (617) 246-0157
Compact radio modules for adding wireless data link
capabilities to your sensor, instrumentation, etc.
Low power consumption (35ma @ 3v). Data rates to 56kbps.
Ranges beyond 300'.

Microhard Systems Inc.
209 - 12 Manning Close NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7N6
Ph: (403) 248-0028
Fax: (403) 248-2762
website:  http://www.microhardcorp.com
Microhard System manufactures Spread spectrum modems
and OEM modules.  This are secure low cost point to point,
multipoint products which operate in the license free band.

O-Neill Connectivities, Inc.
LAWNII cost-effective, robust wireless RS-232 data link 
using spread-spectrum and packet technology for 
error-free communication.
Range from 300' indoors to 3000' outdoors.

RF Industries, Ltd.
7610 Miramar Rd.
San Diego, CA 92126
Ph: (619) 549-6340
Neulink MeuMode 9600 high-speed smart modem.  Provides
255 unique ID's for wireless point-to-point or multi-point

World Communication Group Inc.
1 Bethany Road, suite 76
Hazlet, NJ 07730
Ph: 1-888-888-8926
Fax: 1-732-888-2845
WinCom wireless spread spectrum modems for RS232 data link, 900 MHz and
2.4GHz frequency

Wi-LAN Inc.
809 Manning Rd N.E. Suite 308
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7M9
Ph: (800) 258-6876
Fax: (403) 273-5100
Web: http://www.ntg-campus.com/ntg/wilan/
Hopper wireless modem links at speeds up to 19.2kbps at

Xetron Corporation
460 West Crescentville Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Ph: (513) 881-3500
Fax: (513) 881-3379
A subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric.  Spread Spectrum tranceivers
for OEM applications.  Low power, secure, reliable, compact, error
correction, multi-point protocol, license free operation.

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