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  • Laboratory Automation
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  • Use with our MD-2 Motor Systems
  • Use with our XY Positioners
  • Very cost effective
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            Motor sold separately

Need the precision of a lead-screw? Need short travel against gravity? Our Z-2 positioner with 2" of travel can solve the problem. Constructed with an aluminum frame, precision ground lead-screw, and an anti-backlash nut, the Z-2 is perfect for short X, XY and XYZ applications.

The Z-2 is easily attached to our X and XY linear positioner using the SK-4 spacer kit for horizontal mounting or the BR-2 bracket kit for vertical mounting (each listed below). For example: connect the Z-2 to our X-9 to make an XY system with 9 inches of travel in one direction and 2 inches in the other. Connect 3 Z-2 positioners together and create a complete 3-axis robotic workcell. The possibilities are almost unlimited!

The Z-2 is easily controlled using our MD-2ac motion control system.


 Pricing and Specifications

Model # Z-2
Price $400.00 US
Travel 2 Inches
Maximum Payload 10 pounds
Accuracy +/- .005" per foot
Resolution .00125" per .9 degree step
Repeatability .002"
Maximum Speed 1" per second
Shipping Weight 4 pounds
Ground Shipping $15.00 US
Overnight Shipping $93.00 US
Shipping costs are estimates inside the continental US.
See a mechanical drawing for the Z-2 positioner.

   Part # Description Price
  BR-2 Right Angle Bracket for Z-2 with hardware $75.00
  SK-4 Spacer Kit for horizontal mounting of Z-2 $25.00

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